Wadark map

Map of Wadark before the creation of the mini-sun and terraforming

Wadark was the first temperate O-Class discovered around a R-Class in 2856 CE[1].

In 3454 CE, a mini-sun orbiting the parent was created, with a semimajor axis of 0.22 AU and in 3460 CE start the terraforming for the satellite and finish in 3512 CE, which there by to change the class of the planet to E-Class. The first city was built in 3513 CE.

Wadark map terraforming

Map of Wadark after terraforming


The colony have military and commercial installations including gas and raw materials.

In 5000 CE, there were 4.3 millions inhabitants according to the census.


  1. CE : Common Era (according to Timeline)


If you like, here the pak for the terraforming system.

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