The War for All had a massive amount of interesting communications, as The Borealis Cluster had to intermingle with god-like threats. These are some of the most well known, and regulated communications out there.

Friendly Encounters

Hostile Encounters

The Supreme (#001)

Before this major event, The Seekers set up many stations nearby the Tloinin Galaxy. One of the crews detected a large surplus of Strange Matter from a smaller civilization, The Supreme. The crew would craftily execute their simple plan later on. It would work easily, and the rewards would be quite good, showering the crew with wealth. Well, it all seemed good until one ship's captain forgot to turn on its radio silencer.

The Supreme: INTRUDER! You are trespassing on our local storage grounds. Yield your pitiful actions at once! The automatic timer to your termination has begun, you have [3 MINUTES] to comply before the certain destruction of your fleet.

The Seekers: Why, greetings new lifeform! We are a segment Mineral Extraction Unit #37, in the Main Branch. We would gladly can explain our actions to you, if you just lower those weapons of yours. This sweet matter that we have found will propel us to new corners of The Universe! Never have we seen such anomalous, yet powerful capabilities in our lives! You see, we thought this zone was empty and abandoned. We profusely apologize for any-

The Supreme: Cut it! This small talk you are trying to do doesn't affect us. We can see right past your facade! What you only prove is that biological filth never learns. Can't you see, I purchased this Strange Matter with a large sum of funds, more than you will ever know! Insects, I tell you.


The Seekers would stop mining, in a sort of haze and confusion.

The Seekers: Wh-What is with your aggressiveness?! We need this much more than you do! In fact, this vault looks quite rusty! We are quite certain that you have no need for this, as it is just sitting here. If you haven't heard from the larger, and obviously more respectable empires, we come from what you call the 7-L Cluster. If you don't believe us, we can tell you all about ourselves-

The Supreme: Shut up! This flattering and peaceful-talk you are trying to do is obviously NOT WORKING! Whatever heads you biologicals have must be very small. There are no means to travel to other galactic clusters, they're just impossible to go to!


The Seekers: I- We aren't even biologicals, if you could tell by those pipsqueak screens in your ships! If you want us to be as brute as you, you are sure as hell gonna get it.

At that moment, The Supreme saw that The Seekers fleet suddenly expanded, with approximately 200 Medium-Class flagships. The Supreme scanned their power, and were in straight awe. 

The Supreme: Well, I- okay then.... Well, what I can see is that you are a worthy opponent. [TERMINATION ABORTED]. What may you entities want to talk about?  

The Seekers: That's more like it. I never knew these strange AI empires would ever coexist with us! Now we may commence our speech on why this matter is much more important to us- 

Suddenly, and without warning, three colossal SSPGD's were detonated in the silent and spacious parts of the fleet. The result busted open 4 undefended harvester ships. The Supreme instantly noted that even a supernova at point-blank did not do much to a Seekite ship, so, they emergency warped to save themselves. In the aftermath,The Strange Matter inside one of the Harvesters became unstable, and consumed it. The rest of the ships were leaking Strange Matter, and they had to be abandoned. clumps of strange matter created by the blast consumed two other ships, one of them being a Middle-Small Class militant ship.

The Seekers: You impossible, soulless FIENDS! We saw this coming, did you know that? There was an off chance, an off chance that you resilient robots would be cordial. I will relay this to my superior, fleet admiral Chul-Ikmo himself! Before you know it, your pitiful galaxy will be WIPED FROM EXISTENCE! How you even have access to this technology must be found out immediately! 

The Supreme: Bring it on, foul invaders! We will fight to the bitter end! You will not attack us, or even the biological people! Some of the worthy ones must live!  

The Seekers: You will need all of the gods in the universe to protect you, you nuisance. 

The Seekers abandoned this protocol, as they didn't have the funds, or permissions at hand to straight-up destroy Tloinin. They left with an echo of rage behind them. After the battle, they eventually found out that The CoB helped The Supreme into making large SSPGD's.

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