A warp shield (also called a Ming Shield) is a defensive system equipped to most large starships and space stations. The shield works by warping space-time in a way that "turns" objects such as rail shells and laser fire away from the protecting object.



The first recorded warp shield was invented by Fan Ming in 9890 CE. However, the concept goes as far back as 2024, when the concept was made by Elliot Drake.


The warp shield is used to redirect objects as though they were light redirected on a mirror. They have been incredibly useful in defending space stations from high-velocity space dust. Most notably the shields were used on warships and the like during numerous conflicts.

System Explanation

The system works by warping the space-time to "accelerate" an object in another direction.

A helpful analogy is how a marble moves down a track. If there are no obstructions, the marble should go down the entirety of the track. Now imagine the track has a sudden curve in it. The marble would move in the direction of the curve and then continue on in the same direction.

This is how the system curves space-time. Normally, curving an object that quickly in the space of a few meters would tear apart the object in question. However, like an Alcubirre Warp Drive, there is no acceleration experienced by the object.

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