Waska is the homeworld of the Rakar and the capital of their small colonial empire.


It is a large warm E-class world and the third planet in the Thyare system within the Andromeda galaxy. Waska is home to a reptilian race known as the Rakar who seek to expand their dominion throughout the cosmos.

Life and Climate

Temperatures can rise up to 92 °C on this world yet despite these hot temperatures, life still thrives here. The continents consist of vast humid jungles, inhabited by creatures, great and small along with Rakar cities poking high above the expanses.


Like most planets, Waska formed 4 billion years from a disk of dust and gas that surrounded Thyare during its infancy. Oddly enough, Waska has no moons, despite being 2x the size of Earth.

The Rakar started out as a predatory reptilian species that inhabited the jungles and gradually evolved into a tribal/hunter-gatherer species. Eventually they became a seafaring civilization, exploring and colonizing other continents and islands, becoming the dominant species on Waska.

Soon after, they started to investigate their system and begun setting up colonies on Waska's celestial neighbours.

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