The Werryn Union is currently the largest and most powerful province in The Alkan Intendancy. It is a collection of thirteen galaxies populated almost exclusively by Werryns. It's capital is the planet Larro in the Alstol Galaxy.

This territory has so much influence over the rest of The Intendancy that it can actually reject laws in Parliament with the huge amount of representatives it has.


The government of the Werryn union is very typical. It is just the generic representative democracy that so many nations operate by. The Union has over 2.7 Million representatives in the Alkan Parliament.

The Parliament

This Province has a large Parliament of 1.2 Million members from hundreds of districts. This Parliament has the power to pass provincial laws as well as to set tariffs.

Police and Militias

The Werryn Union has a very large police force of 1.2 Quadrillion officers, as well as a militia consisting of 3 Quadrillion soldiers in reserve. The Militia is indistinguishable from the police force. The two organizations even have the same head.


Pre-Space Travel

The idea for a united Werryn Species dates back to 1242 CE. At the time, the Werryn home world, Larro, had just concluded a large scale war. This war set them back hundreds of years as a nuclear winter had just engulfed the planet.

Nevertheless, the Werryn decided that a war like that should never happen again. All of the nations united in 1799 CE. For 1000 years they lived in an ideal civilization, called a Post-scarcity civilization. They had no needs, no issues, and no conflicts.

The Evacuation

This all ended when Werryn astronomers noticed how the orbits of their parent star, Arra Lo, was getting dangerously close to the orbit of a larger star. They estimated that in ten thousand years, the Arra Lo system would be destroyed.

The Werryn began using their advanced technology to physically move their star. Building what is called a Shkadov Thruster. It took them one hundred years to build the infrastructure, and another one thousand years to begin accelerating it at a noticeable rate. They decided to move their star several light years away from the offending star.

In interstellar space, they came across hundreds of artifacts. These ranged from small shards of unnaturally pure metal and bits of paint, to entire probes that even had some amount of salvageable information on them. This was all the Werryn needed to conclude that they were not alone in the universe. Their own star was near the center of the extinct Type II civilization of the Alstol Galaxy.

At this point, the Werryn Union decided that the best way to survive, was to expand at all costs. Thus began their interstellar age.

Interstellar Expansion

In 9404, the Werryn Union began sending trillions of colonists to nearby stars and began using Von Neumann Probes to pre-terraform every planet in the galaxy, so that when they arrived, they could just settle it. They accidentally destroyed two other civilizations with these probes, but they never knew until multiple millennia later.

By 10921, The Union had most of their galaxy under control. It was far from fully colonized, but they had the ability to utilize all of its resources thanks to the Von Nuemann Probes.

By now, the Union knew that the Universe was full of life. They started to pick up very faint and incredibly ancient signals from all around. They knew that they would need to expand even more to survive. They began to colonize the other four nearby galaxies, even though not a single Werryn left the Alstol Galaxy.

The Alko-Werryn War

The Alkan Intendancy noticed the Werryn probes immediately. They lost entire planets to them. They found the source of the probes was the Alstol Galaxy. The Ror and the smaller species under their control were not ready for an intergalactic war, as this was the first one they had ever experienced. However, the probes wouldn't stop coming.

Thus began the Alko-Werryn War. It was not so much a war as it was beating back the probes until they could get to the Alstol Galaxy. The Werryn had no idea that this was even happening until the Ror's invasion fleets made it to their home planet. After brief talks, the probes were deactivated in favor of a more intelligent approach. The Probes were only to be used on uninhabited galaxies and should be able to detect intelligent life.


500 years later, in 18509, the Werryn Union was annexed into the Intendancy with the full support of the Werryn People. Some fringe groups rebelled, but they were quickly quelled, as the vast majority of Werryn were more concerned with safety than with self-governance.

Further Expansion

While under the control of the Intendancy, the Werryn Union continued to expand. Just like the other provinces, it would deport small civilizations it finds to other galaxies.

Currently, the province is the largest and most populace of the Intendant Provinces at 13 galaxies and the massive 75 septillion inhabitants. It's population is truly absurd in size. The reproductive practices of the Werryns basically forced them to choose between disfiguring themselves to reproduce less, or just creating more habitats for them to live on. This has brought up many debates about lowering the number of representatives for this particular province to make it fair for all others.

As of late, many Werryns are becoming more open to the idea of stifling their astonishingly fast reproduction. This is mostly due to outside pressure, but also because of the ludicrous housing costs, food shortages, and general overpopulation caused by this high population. Even so, it would take many decades for infrastructure to catch up with the high population.

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