The Werryn Union is currently the largest and most powerful province in The Alkan Intendancy. It is a

collection of one thousand galaxies populated almost exclusively by Werryns.

This territory has so much influence over the rest of The Intendancy that it can actually reject laws in Parliament with the huge amount of representatives it has.


The government of the Werryn union is very typical. It is just the generic representative democracy that so many nations operate by.

The Parliament

This Province has a large Parliament of 1255 members from hundreds of districts. This Parliament has the power to pass provincial laws as well as to set tariffs.

Police and Militias

The Werryn Union has a very large police force of 1.2 Quadrillion officers, as well as a militia consisting of 3 Quadrillion soldiers in reserve. The Militia is indistinguishable from the police force. The two organizations even have the same head.

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