Woakes are the most dominant inhabitants of the planet Woake.

Physical Description

Woakes are aquatic creatures that live in the oceans of Woake. They are as tall as 1.6 meters. They have one eye on their head with a bioluminescent light on their forehead and on their finger tips. They have two legs and two arms. They have three fingers on each hand. They communicate through a mouth similar to Humans. They can live for, on average, between 140 and 170 Earth years.


They first appeared in the deep, vast oceans of Woake about 1 million years ago. They began as carnivores, only hunting animals for meat. As early as 41,000 years ago, they became omnivores, eating both animals and plants. 

In the last 200 years, they have explored beyond their homeworld with manned space stations, sending probes to their neighbouring planets and into interstellar space and colonizing their three moons.

Between 2044 and 2116, they colonized the three largest moons: Wuta, Muyta and Twya.

They were discovered by Humanity in 3026 when they sent a signal into deep space, hoping they would discover their first alien civilization.

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