Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte, commonly called WLM or Oasis, is a small galactic colony partially claimed by the Commonwealth. WLM itself is quite isolated, making it quite thinly secured and populated. There are no outstanding or majorly unique factors about this galaxy, other than the fact that it is very alone, surrounded by nothing but other dwarf galaxies, which on their own are millions of light years apart.


One of the only notable features is that there is a small Type 2.1 civilization in the WLM, which calls itself The Golomian Federation. The Golomians are currently trying to claim all of the WLM, shyly creating trade deals with The Commonwealth. The Golomians are also trying to look to the very minute amount of star clusters for solace, as they are quite rich in resources.

Currently, The WLM is a small resting spot for intergalactic pilots. Many tourists also come here to see the many artifacts left behind from the Suralis Empire. The WLM is also quite guarded near these spots, forcing piracy to be at a minimum.



The central black hole of WLM. A notable red dwarf takes only a month to orbit it.


A globular cluster on the outskirts of WLM. This is one out of only six that exist in the region.


One of the only nebulae in WLM. All nebulae in WLM are planetary nebulae, which will dwindle in a few centuries.

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