World War III, (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Third World War and Last Great War, was a war fought worldwide, mostly between the United States, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, as well as their allies.


Tensions between China and America had been growing ever since the turn of the 21st century. However, the option of MAD kept the three superpowers from going to all-out war.

Tensions rose considerably on July 21, 2040, when North Korea launched a nuclear device over Japan. They'd been doing this off and on, but this device landed over seventy kilometers off the western coast of Hokkaido and actually detonated. Fortunately, it was weak enough and far enough away not to spread to the island nation.

This caused outrage among the Japanese people and the American president at the time, Stacey Kershaw, reached out to President Kim Jong-un to cease and desist with the nuclear testing once and for all. At the same time, President Kershaw sent anti-missile technology to Japan and South Korea.

Chinese president Lin Zheng reached out to the American president, promising her that the Chinese government would keep an eye on North Korea. When the North Korean government was contacted by China, they held off on their nuclear program.

Two years later, on October 4, 2042, Russia once again moved to annex Ukraine and absorb it into Russian territory. This caused another outrage among the American people and President Kenshaw reached out to Russian President Pavlovich. However, this meeting didn't go as well as the meeting with China, and Pavlovich dismissed the American president.

On September 15, 2044, North Korea launched a nuclear weapon directly at Seoul, Tokyo, and Okinawa. However, American anti-missile technology managed to help avert the crisis. This caused the American president to sent in troops to help bolster Japanese and South Korean defenses. Not a month later on October 23, Chinese soldiers stormed into Hong Kong and broke the treaty that they created in 2020. (wip)

Course of the War

The first major conflict took place in Kyiv on January 31, 2045. Known as the Kyiv Offensive, American soldiers flew into the city using the latest stealth bombers and began to bomb the capital building and other surrounding government buildings. Russian soldiers fired anti-air weapons at the stealth bombers.

American troops were dropped into Kiev and formed an assault group to storm what remained of the Russian soldiers. This offensive result

Russian Ground Forces defend Kremlin

ed in an overwhelming American victory.

The next offensive took place in Korea. With the help of South Korean allies, American troops stormed the Korean Demilitarized Zone, making their way ever further north. This caused China to declare war on America.

Throughout the ten year war, cities in Russia, China, and North Korea were destroyed, millions of civilians killed and thousands of soldiers captured and tortured. However, the war ground to a halt with the nuclear destruction of Pyongyang on April 21, 2055. This ended the Kim dynasty in North Korea. The self-destruction caused all nations involved in World War III to come to the negotiating table and on June 1, 2055, each side signed the Pyongyang Accords.

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