This is a list of planets and moons occupied by the Xorthon Empire.

Colony World 1


Colony World 1 is a hot D-class moon orbiting a gas giant in a system, 2.22 lightyears away from Xortha. It is the location of various mining colonies due to the presence of valuable minerals. It was the first world that the Xorthons colonized outside their system.

Colony World 2


Located 7.21 lightyears from Xortha, this warm oceanic world is the location of various colonial cities floating on the water, built by the Xorthons. This planet orbits a brown dwarf in a binary system.



Dauna (A.K.A Colony World 3) is a temperate E-class world with marine unicellular life and was the third planet that was colonized by the Xorthons. It is the location of many Xorthon colonies having a population of 4.2 billion. However, an outbreak once occurred there when some of the microbes in the water became airborne and infected more than a thousand Xorthon colonists. Because of this, its oceans were poisoned in order to kill the infectious bacterium. It is located 10.86 lightyears from Xortha.

Colony World 4


A frozen titan with life, 11 lightyears from Xortha, was the fourth planet to have been colonized by the Xorthons. It is a fairly young world, only being 1 billion years old so the native lifeforms aren't of any concern to the Xorthons.



A temperate oceania home to the Iauns. Iauna is located 20.74 lightyears from Xortha and was the fifth planet colonized by the Xorthons, living in raft cities drifting on the oceans. The Iauns are of no concern to the Xorthons however a few have been captured and put in aquariums as well as sold at high class restaurants on the floating cities.



Motus (A.K.A Colony World 6) is a temperate tidally locked E-class planet home to the Ammelites. Multiples Xorthon colonies have been established on the surface. The native Ammelites hold a major dislike towards the Xorthons. Despite capturing and performing tests on a few Ammelites before, the Xorthons mainly leave them be.

Colony World 7


A frozen titan, 23 lightyears from Xortha. It is inhabited by exotic life which was of high interest to the Xorthons. However, colonizing this world wasn't easy due to how hostile some of the native lifeforms are. Many Xorthons lost their lives on this world, for example, Large tentacled creatures grabbing colonists and digesting them, mobile plants strangling and impaling Xorthons and sucking out their blood as well as well as an indigenous race shooting poison quills at Xorthon colonists. Because of this, multiple sweepers were sent in orbit around the planet and annihilated most of the native life on the surface except for a few smaller continents that were spared so life could still thrive in some areas. Also the Xorthons didn't colonize those areas which is another reason they spared them.


A mountain range on Colony World 7.



Kelosia (A.K.A Colony World 8) is the third planet orbiting the star Sakina, 28.33 lightyears from Xortha. It is a warm tidally locked E-class world and is home to a peaceful race known as the Kelosians who live in small aerial cities floating above the vast expanses of purple forests that stretch across the continents. When the Xorthons came, they shot down some of the Kelosian cities and enslaved the natives.

There will be more to come.

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