Xamir Prime (Xamir 7) is a Gas Giant and the Homeworld of the Xamirians.

Basic info

Class : Frozen Gas Giant

Distance from home star : 12.25 light minutes

Diameter : 52405.32 km

Mass : 38.803 Earth masses

Temperature : -177 C

Age : 11.927 * 10^9 years

Day time : 9h 20m 36s

Moons : 8

Distance from Earth : 8.12 Gly


A life was created in Abiogenesis. It started from quite big and mostly empty cells, and it evolved slowly. Xamirians are dominant species on this planet. They are big, bug-like species and one of the many spacefaring civilizations in their galaxy. Because of their advanced technology, they can "xamirform" inhospitable planets into worlds similar to their home planet.The Xamirians have a colossal Space Fleet spanning in many galaxies, even far from their home galaxy. They are xenophobic, and mostly travel alone throughout the Universe.

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