The Xari are the dominate species of the Ferisol'Tkir and natives of Enkyr.


They first appeared on their planet in 150,512 CE, living near their oceans and living off of fish and animal life. As the years passed they spread across their planet's surface and eventually founded their first cities, one named Ferisol, which in their ancient tongue means First City.

Being carnivorous and extremely religious, the Xari nearly decimated the continent they'd first evolved on during their massive wars with each other. They had a vicious cycle: they would have a specieswide war which would almost decimate their population, then they'd repopulate the species until there was enough for a war, and then the fight would begin again.

in 154,121 CE, one of the wars between their various clans came incredibly close to decimating their species. This caused one of the very first peace treaties between every clan on the planet. It was during this time that they decided to look towards the stars, which at the time they viewed as gods of other mythical creatures. Being sun worshippers, they decided to make their way to the stars and eventually conquer all the gods who had forced them to fight for many thousands of local years.

Over the next 50,000 years, they've subjugated every planet with intelligent life within the star cluster and have forced them to obey their sun god or perish.

Physical Attributes

The Xari are humanoid in appearance, with a thick shell around their backs much like a turtle's own. They have eye stalks which they can bury within their eye sockets to protect themselves. They have three prehensile digits on their hands, each possessing a sharp claw capable of dealing a great deal of damage. They have razor sharp teeth as well, capable of tearing into the hardiest of flesh.


The Xari are united in one purpose, the subjugation of all other races. They believe that they are the supreme beings of the universe, which they don't believe goes beyond their cluster. They all worship and revere their emperor, known in their language as a Yandir. They believe that he is the current incarnation of their sun god and that, when he reaches his death, he is to be burnt alive that his fiery soul may join his ancestors on their sun.

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