Xaridge Da is the moon of Xaridge D. It cannot naturally support life. The Xaridgar colonized it for some time, until it was taken over by the Archas and terraformed.


After Xaridge D was discovered by the Xaridgar in 2003, rumours of a moon orbiting it arose. The moon was officially discovered in 2004, being named Xaridge D1.

The name was later changed to Xaridge Da.

The Xaridgar started a colonization project in the year 2678. A colony ship was sent to land on the moon, containing 17,000 colonists.The colonization project was abandoned by the year 2703, but some of the original inhabitants continued to live in what was left of the colony ship. The government of Xaridge IV demanded that the remaining colonists return, as the moon could not sustain life for very long in its current state. Most of the inhabitants refused to leave, and managed to live an almost-normal life.

Halfway through the year 2704, the colony was attacked by the Archas. The colony was destroyed, leaving the few survivors stranded on the moon.

Xaridge Da was closed off from transport lanes near the end of 2704, and the moon was left uninhabited.

The Archas took over the moon by 2705, using it as a base for their army. They terraformed it into a greener world with some oceans. The Xaridgar were unaware of this until the Xaridgar-Archas War in 2712.

The Archas brought more inhabitants to the moon in order to build up their army. The height of the Archas population was 1.2 million.

During the war, the Xaridgar tried to regain control of Xaridge Da multiple times, but each attempt failed due to the increasing number of Archas inhabitants. Eventually, in the year 3094, the Xaridgar resorted to bombing the moon from orbit. This destroyed most of the Archas bases, but also devastated the moon, preventing any lifeforms from being able to easily live there. By the end of the War in 3140, no Archas were left on the moon, and the Xaridgar closed it off once again, leaving it empty and uninhabited.


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