Xaridge IV is a temperate terra planet home to the Xaridgar.

Xaridge IV has a set of planetary rings, along with 10 minor moons.

The surface of the planet is mostly water, with many island continents and smaller islands scattered throughout the ocean. The planet also has a north and south pole, with some greener land which is habitable.


The Xaridgar first began to evolve on Xaridge IV in the distant past.

By the year 200 CE, three main clans of Xaridgar had formed, the Athen and the Sarthal on two of the larger island continents, and the Draconia on a larger continent to the north. Other smaller clans also existed, some of which only lasted a few years. Some of the smaller clans eventually grew into larger, more powerful clans, such as the Askar, Utra and Yuutan clans. Another small clan, known as Skay, formed on a smaller island. In 450 CE the Skay clan broke apart into two clans, known as Skey and Skia. In 578 CE the Sarthal clan fell apart after a brief war, and became the Eskivon and Thiasal clans. In 733 CE the Yuutan, who had been living on a small island, were attacked by a new clan from an even smaller island nearby. The smaller clan, the Treze, won the war and took over the island of Yuutan. These 10 clans remained for some time, and when civilization progressed, the clans became countries, ruled by seperate governments.

Xaridge 4 2700

Xaridge IV in the year 2700.

By 1900, the Xaridgar civilization was similar to that of Earth in the early 21st century. They were also researching space and space travel. The Xaridgar slowly made progress and by 1999 they had built their first unmanned craft. It was sent to research their star system, and they discovered multiple new celestial objects, such as Xaridge Da.

In the year 2116, the island of Treze was briefly taken over by the remnants of the Yuutan, who had been in hiding after being defeated. The island was under the control of the Yuutan until 2119, when the country of Askar helped the leaders of Treze take back the island.


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