Xathor (RS 1234-35-4-1363-314 5 in 0.980) is a large hot O-class planet in the Andromeda 5 satellite galaxy.


The fifth planet from its parent star, it is a very large world, being 9.0742 M⊕ in size and having a diameter of 25959.57 km. Xathor has a rather quick day, only lasting 10 hours and 19 minutes while a full orbit around its parent star takes 2.395 years. It has 20 moons, four of which are S-class worlds.

Xathorian Seascape

One of Xathor's moons overlooking the sea.


Xathor is very cloudy, having lots of storms such as cyclones, powerful winds and lightning due to the hot temperatures. Rain also falls harder hear due to the stronger gravity.The seas are also very chaotic, with soaring waves reaching over 40ft high, raging across the vast blue expanse of water. However, there are a few calmer regions with clearer skies.


Despite the chaotic conditions, life does exist on Xathor below the oceans on massive reef-like structures.

Examples of Xathorian life:

Molgors: The most intelligent lifeform on the planet. Molgors are 7ft tall, dark grey, semi-reptilian humanoids that inhabit the reefs, mainly living in caves. They are a primitive species although despite this, they have invented tools such as spears which they use for hunting and even have certain roles for each other. Molgors are comparable to cavemen in terms of behaviour and lifestyle. Male Molgors are more muscular whereas female Molgors are thinner but faster at swimming. Despite their intelligence, it is unlikely that they'll ever become a technological civilization due to their homeworld being covered in stormy seas.

Glopes: Bioluminescent worm-like creatures that feed off plants on the reefs. They are 3ft long and glow a dark blue colour as well as having lighter blue patches on them. Glopes also have a symbiotic relationship with bacterial organisms living inside them.

Waverollers: These creatures swim close to the surface, feeding on microscopic plankton and can actually float on the water by curling up like an armadillo, being able to ride the waves, hence their name.


Just like most planets, Xathor formed in a protoplanetary disk of gas and dust that surrounded its infant sun, 4.8 billion years ago.

Life emerged on Xathor, 3.8 billion years ago, starting out as microbes living deep within the oceans until multicellular organisms began to take shape millions of years later.

The Molgors first evolved 4 million years ago, descending from larger predatory beasts. They started using tools only 4,500 years ago.


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