The Xcathli Republic is a federal republic comprised of 4,064,576 dominions across 976 galaxies of influence, along with various territories and outposts. With 940,507,514,930,365,184 citizens as of the 99999 A.D. census, the Xcathli Republic is the most populous civilization known to exist at this time, and with 976 galaxies of control, it is the most widespread as well. The federal capital is Xcathlia Prime, housed in the Nova Elceron system, and the most populated community is Superior City, with over 26 billion residents.

The Xcathli Republic was founded by the Xcathli, a civilization that established spacefaring technology by 100,000 B.C. First contact was established in 5149 A.D, at which point the Xcathli ascended to a governing position within their sphere of influence. They established the Intergalactic Confederacy in 8127, before officially recognizing themselves as the Xcathli Republic in 8191. Since then, they rose to their place as one of the universal superpowers, allying with the Confederacy of Humanity in the Virgo War. Following these years of turmoil, they experienced seven civil wars between 20,000 and 30,000 A.D. The Third Xcathli War, between 23617 and 23751, was the most dangerous for the Republic, as it ended in the detonation of a Class-C stellar bomb, leading to the destruction of the Giyr system, which contained Xcathlia, their original capital. Xcathlia Prime was colonized by the Republic months after the disaster, and it became their capital, in honour of the war.

Since 80,000 A.D, when the Xcathli uncovered the secrets to traveling between universes thanks to Forzannarte's Second Law, and began a project known as "Project Utopia" - an ideal society that would be completely self-sufficient and automated. The project is almost complete, at which point society will reach a point of maximum prosperity, once all rich-poor divide has been completely eliminated.

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