The name given to the artificially made universal language humanity first made when attempting to communicate with the Kya.


When man made first contact with its first alien species which turned out to be the Kya of Jupiter’s moon Europa, the language barrier was one of the hardest to break. So humanity attempted to create an artificial universal language, one that both species would be able to understand.

Xeno was used in its First Variation until mankind encountered more alien races. With the more contact, the more variations needed to be made to the language. Today Xeno is in its Seventh Variation which is now the most used of the variations when dealing with alien creatures.

The language is currently one of the most spoken languages among the Confederacy and their allies and trading partners.


The Xeno language is vastly varied depending on what kind of species humanity deals with. The current variation of the Xeno written language uses mostly pictographs and hieroglyphs much like ancient Egyptian.

The spoken language varies from species to species but in general it is a mixture of clicks, sounds, hand motions, body movement etc. The language is vast, encompassing many more ideas and phrases than any other known language due to it being a universal one. No one knows Xeno in its entirety save for a select few.

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