Xenscara top

Xenscara from above

Xenscara (aka IC 2469 and ESO 433-17) is a barred spiral galaxy (SBb) in the Virgo Supercluster. it is 116 million light years away from the Milky Way. Home to many, owned by none, it shines with an aura of peace and harmony.


Xenscara has no single government or territories. Most residents keep to their own colonies and systems. Conflicts are few, as the galaxy is old.

Notable Regions

Xenscara's most common civilizations are within star clusters. Once sufficiently advanced enough, some of these clusters become a single civilization. One notable example is Scenth, with 55 advanced civilizations Type I or above forming a mid-Type II Civilization. Scenth has very little involvement with humanity because it is located in a nebula.

The current population is unknown, as very few civilizations have been connected socially.

Xenscara edge

Xenscara from the edge

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