Inhabitants of Ztebam

Physical Description

When first seen from the probes sent to its surface, one of the technicians at mission control blurted out, “They look like goblins.” He was correct. The diminutive dominant species of Ztebam do resemble little goblins.

Standing typically about one meter high, the Xentari are humanoid in appearance. They are surprisingly thin but that doesn’t mean they are to be underestimated. Their muscles are one of the strongest on the planet. They have large heads shaped like a sideways egg. They have glowing red eye and large pointed ears. Their teeth are all sharp due to their carnivorous nature.

Like humans they have five digits on their hands and feet, but they have no fingernails. They have claws which they use to subdue their prey. Their skin is different patches of green depending on genetics. They have no hair to speak of but their general appearance has lent credence to the idea of extraterrestrial parallel evolution.


The Xentari, with a current population of 500 million, are currently going through their own middle ages, with technology from their previous civilization being viewed as magical.

They are, surprisingly, a matriarchy, with many queendoms spread across the planet in small clusters where land is fertile and where it is warmer.

At one point in the history of the Xentari they had a relatively large interstellar civilization, consisting of many inner worlds surrounding their homeworld. It was even surmised that at one point they had visited Earth, possibly sprouting the legends of goblins on the planet and in some other inhabited worlds.

Their civilization fell around 2 million years ago due to an experiment with nanotechnology gone wrong. The nanites went rogue and devoured whole civilizations and their technology, replicating at a phenomenal rate before finally the remnants of the Xentari managed to shut them down before they destroyed their homeworld, but by then their civilization had fallen far. They forgot over the course of time that they’d once been masters of their galaxy.

They are mischievous and love playing tricks on each other but for the most part are a very friendly race. Some of the accidental contacts between humans have gone relatively well and it appears that humans have become legends among the locals.

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