Xigerite is a class D red dwarf located 20.66 kpc away from the Earth. It has 8 planets, one of which has life. Xigerite is, according the NRoOSE Catalog of Planets, the 27th solar system with at least one or two planets with life on it and the first system to ever feature two or more planets named after people. It also is the sixth solar system with a moon containing an atmosphere, and the ninth solar system to feature a far-away gas giant. For it's last goal, it is the first ever solar system to feature a moon with an exoplanetary hurricane [a Xigeritanian cyclone, this instance].

Xigerite is so far one of the most awarded solar systems.

In 3042, an unknown alien species conquered Cipher and destroyed Leijion: it's 6 major moons are to become planets whilst the other moons are to become comets in the official Oort cloud of the system

Planet 1 - Archode

Archode is a close-orbiting category 5 ice giant with no moons and zero major moons. The planet has no known affiliates and it orbits Xigerite every 2 days. It is the closest gas giant ever discovered, and the fifth most hottest ever discovered by the NRoOSE.

Planet 2 - Nichode

Nichode is a near-close orbiting category 3 warm desert with one moon, but it is not major. The planet is affiliated with it's appearance. it is tidally locked, and one half of the world is land [the other half is water.] The water half has a massive cyclone, given the name "Exotyphoon Nicholas". It is to dissipate in 5.25 million years.

It is often nicknamed the brother of Archode, as both names end in "-ode".

Planet 3 - Sideve

Sideve is a average-close orbiting category L oceania with life. It has two moons, but neither are major. The planet is not affiliated with it's appearance, a massive ocean with clouds and possibly exotyphoons located around the planet on certain occasions. All of the world is water [with no sign of land whatsoever.].

Sideve's life kind is organic and multicellar [aka. marine life.] A famous species, Nonchodius kimjidovi, is famous for being the "extraterrestial Stethacanthus-Megalodon hybrid."

Planet 4 - Kindine

Kindine is an average-close orbiting category 4 oceania that shares it's appearance with Nichode, only slight differences: the atmosphere is orange, meaning Kindine will appear a slight peach color like look instead of the other colored atmosphere on Nichode.

Like Nichode, it is tidally locked and has a massive exotyphoon, except the fact that it is to dissipate in 3 million years instead of 5,250,000 [5.25 million]

Planet 5 - Sonchorde

Sonchorde is a far-average orbiting category 1 cold ice world that is orange [due to it's light], and it is often being referred to as "the lonely world" due to it having 3, but they are large asteroids that orbit very close to Sonchorde and could collide if one were to collide with the other.

Sonchorde orbits Xigerite every 96 days. A month on Sonchorde is 12 days then.

Planet 6 - Hinzogove

Hinzogove is an outer orbiting category 11 gas giant that shares it's simularities almost the same with Munsch from the Duruchi system. It is blue with yellow bands around areas of the planet. It owns 17 moons, 4 of which are major: Codide, Xonlive, Higid and Moncodort.

Planet 7 - Cipher

Cipher, is a category 32.6 cold ice world that is extremely far out into the ranges of the outer Xigerite system. It is small, and has a series of "running plate-like cracks" everywhere, visible with good eyesight.

It orbits Xigerite every 1.165 years, or 530 days total.

Planet 8 - Leijion

Leijion is the last, coldest, and most farthest planet in the Xigerite system. The planet is the farthest, has possibly the most amount of moons [72, 6 major.] It also has the most amount of major moons in the system, with a total of 6. Those 6 moons are:

  • Cotorde, a moon with an atmosphere
  • Igorve, a moon
  • Kinite, a large, brown moon
  • Pines, a moon
  • Hzein, a moon
  • and Mantoraid, a moon.

Leijion is so far a red planet with green clouds and has a thin ring.

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