Xortha is the home planet of the Xorthons and the capital of their empire.


Xortha is a temperate E-class world in the M110 galaxy. It is the third planet orbiting the star Estra which is the larger of two red dwarfs in a binary system.


Vast meadows of purple grass can be found on each of the continents along with tall balloon like plants, scattered across the grassy fields. Large deserts are also common however, which is where Xorthon cities are located.


Xortha is home to all kinds of life, mainly inhabiting the meadows aside from a few desert dwelling species.

Torgans: Large, herbivorous quadrupeds that roam the grassy fields. Their heads resemble those of a hammerhead shark and possess shells, similar to a turtle. Torgans grow to a height of 30 feet high.

Qheds: Large amphibious quadrupeds that inhabit the coastal regions of meadows. They mainly feed on insects as well as small aquatic lifeforms.

Blarts: Small flightless avians with two legs and two wings. They got their name based on the sound they make. Blarts are a common delicacy for the Xorthons.


There are some large lakes that appear to be impact craters on the surface which indicates that Xortha suffered bombardment long ago. Xorthons have even found what appear to be fossils of creatures that they don't know of, hinting at a previous mass extinction.


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