Yckar is the only major moon of the planet Dralora, fourth planet of the Talora System in the Ambrosia Galaxy, and the secondary member in a dual-planet system with it. It is a warm S-Class world.


Yckar is considered to be an average Selena world with a fairly flat surface made up of rock, dirt, and small pockets of iron that have adopted an orange coloring.

The moon has very little in terms of precious metals. However sparsely place areas of platinum are known to be on the surface and as such, they are mined by the Yckar populace. As such, even though it's not the moon's main function, it was, and now remains a member world of the Q.U.I.

It is the moon of a duel-planet system with its sister world Dralora. Meaning one doesn't orbit the other, rather, each one orbits within a barycenter. However due to Dralora being larger than Yckar, it is the planet while Yckar is the moon.

It was once not alone in its orbit around its parent planet Dralora as their once was a smaller moon named "Valdona" orbiting the planet as well. However due to gravitational influence by both Yckar and Dralora, the moon would be pushed into Dralora's rouche limit, tearing it apart and forming the planet's ring system.

The moon's original name was Valora. However after the death of the True Alliance of Man leader Farda Yckar, the moon was given the name "Yckar" to honor him.

Now, the moon exists as an Ecumenopolis. Meaning the Salena world's entire surface is covered in one large city. This city has buildings from as large as skyscrapers. Buildings that are the size of your average house. And buildings so large they jut out of its surface all the way to open space.


Yckar formed alongside its sister world Dralora as the both formed with the creation of their parent star, Talora A in 9,204,100,000 BCE. The moon Valdona would form from the left over debris and act as a "pseudo-moon", orbiting both bodies.

Its sister moon Valdona's orbit would gradually slow down from Yckar and it would begin to move closer to Dralora. This ultimately culminating around 6,450,000,0000 BCE, when the moon would cross into the plant's rouche limit and it was torn apart, forming a large ring system that still exists today.

in 5,210,550,089 BCE, the Talora System's orbit in the galaxy crossed within the path of a passing by binary star system, the three stars' gravity would combine their respective worlds into a triple star system. Yckar would remain unaffected by this event and its orbit around Dralora would continue to as it had been since the beginning.

When the Human Alliance of Ambrosia entered the Talora System, although its sister planet would be focused on, small colonies would established on the moon in 10310 CE.

After the True Alliance of Man was formed and took control of the Talora System, Yckar would be chosen as an example of the new group's technological progress and power. They opted to turn the moon into a large Ecumenopolis. Construction of this moon-wide city began on 10398 CE, it finished construction on 10445 CE, leaving the world with a fairly large population.


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