Yegassin (RG 0-8-9287390-1328) is an elliptical galaxy located 217 million light years from the Milky Way and is currently under supreme control of the Yegassin Republic, formed by the Bolga in 2831 BCE.


Yegassin was discovered by the Confederacy of Humanity in 10001 and one of the first second generation Wormhole Drives were developed to bring them to the galaxy in 14029. Upon arrival at the small elliptical galaxy, the Confederacy were surprised to be presented with a gigantic and highly advanced species known as the Bolga, tall reptillian creatures that had conquered their galaxy and neighbouring galaxies for at least 30,000 years.

The Yegassin-Confederacy Alliance was agreed a month after their first encounter. Due to their kindness, they offered the Confederacy technologies of their own which was proudly accepted. In turn, the Confederacy did the same and by 14,083 CE, a trade route was authorized between the two far-flung galaxies.

Yegassin was previously conquered by another ancient civilisation less than 2 million years ago. They managed to leave behind Dyson Spheres and exploration probes that still wander the galaxy now. Closer to the centre of the galaxy, where a monster black hole lurks, are far more Dyson Spheres than those found at the edge of the galaxy.

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