The only moon of Uathyn.


Yewin is a temperate O-Class world and has a diameter of 18129.8 km giving it a gravitational pull of 0.9 G. It has a semimajor axis of 181099.2 km from its parent planet. Its rotational period is 3.5 days, as is its year.


With an axial tilt of 54°26’ and an even higher atmospheric pressure than its parent world, at a crushing of 426.3 ATM (although that was lowered after terraforming), the seasons on the moon, like on Uathyn , are still harsh by terrestrial standards. However, the planet’s mean average temperature on the surface is -6.5 °C.


In the year 4029 CE, when the Uathyn were just beginning their own space program, the first world they landed on was their moon. They discovered that the oceans were free of life and perfect for terraforming. With the arrival of the massive Katoxyn starships, the colony on the moon was quickly formed. It was developed quickly and the discovery of massive ore mines on the moon quickly made it popular for mining materials for starships.

With their discovery of Warp Drive around 4100, the shipyards on the moon were quickly expanded upon and became crucial to the ever expanding interplanetary government.


Like its parent world, Yewin is a Communist world and is also one of the powerhouses of the Glitter Territories. Its population is at a staggering 17.4 billion.


All life on the planet was imported from Uathyn and has microevolved in the lower gravity to be more slender and weaker than their Uathyn counterparts.

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