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Yggdrasil (RS 7757-188564-7-1593088-77 in 9.7.4 patch 2) was the first temperate E-Class world settled by the Confederacy in the Tadpole Galaxy and is the head of the government in that galaxy.


With a diameter of 13707.4 km, Yggdrasil has a gravitational index of 1.2 G. It has a day length of approximately 14hr45min and a year length of 295.2 standard days due to its semimajor axis of 0.8 AU. It has seven moons, one of which is a temperate S-Class moon. It is 12 billion years old.


When discovered it had an atmospheric content with highly concentrated CO2 and lower levels of O2. The atmospheric pressure of the planet was 1.7 ATM but after atmospheric scrubbing, that was lowered to a more terrestrial norm.

The climate is a very mild one because of the slight tilt of 1°59'. It has a standard temperature of 0.9°C.


Discovered in 12025 by one of the first human expeditions into the Tadpole Galaxy, the planet was deemed a perfect planet for colonization after terraforming was complete. The world was quickly named the nominal head of the Confederacy in that new galaxy as well as the Tadpole Galaxy's version of the human homeworld.

The first colony was the city of Alfenheim, located on the shores of a lake near the equator, the remnants of a large supervolcanic eruption. This lake bordered the largest sea on the planet. It became the largest city on the planet, one of the few cities to sprout up on Yggdrasil. It was clear that due to the large amount of land, cities weren't exactly needed on the planet so most of the population built large mansions of a unique organic design and lived on their acres of land. They were rewarded by magnificent night skies and plentiful food to harvest and hunt.

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Yggdrasil Map

Many other galactic governments, jealous that mankind had claims to more than one galaxy, saw the settling of the Tadpole Galaxy as the last straw and began strikes against many low population Confederacy worlds. It was the attack on Yggdrasil that was the spark to ignite a hundred year war between multiple galaxies in what was to become the First Intergalactic War.

After the war, the planet saw an increase in colonization for a few decades before dropping. Since then, the planet has remained stable. As of 100000, the planet has over 11 billion inhabitants.


Life on Yggdrasil is not anything too special in the scheme of things, although most does seem to resemble something out of an ancient fantasy novel.

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