The Yorn Discovery Program was an attempt on uncovering the mysterious worldlet Yorn. Before its destruction, Yorn was an anomalous hotspot, which turned up to be housing sapient machines. Yorn was later destroyed, and these documents retrieved from live events and cut programs is almost all that is left of Yorn.

The Yorn Discovery Program was only active for about a standard year before shutting down entirely.

 Yorn Discovery Program

The First Archive

Reporter: Hello! You are being surveyed and recorded on the local news.

Civ 1: Alright..

Reporter: Alright, can you answer a few questions about this place?

Civ 1: I am full of answers. Feel free to ask!

Reporter: Say, how do you like it on Yorn?

Civ 1: Wait, did you just say Like?

Reporter: Uh, yeah?

Civ 1: (Hot damn,) Like it? Oh lord, I HATE it here! It's just weird. One moment, you're sleeping, resting, you name it! The next, you're awoken by that damned humming! This weird place has all of these stupid groups and the Jul'Itah Cul-

The Reporter whispers to Civ 1 to stop putting classified information to the public. On the main program, the second half of the conversation is expunged.

Civ 1: Oh, uh, yeah. I just think this place puts Yorn Sash's name to shame! It really sucks here, like its a huge ship or something.

Reporter (Confused): Well, what is this humming?

Civ 1: Ah. we hear it almost everyday. Its like a ship, or a radiator, or something... I have no clue as to what it is at all.

Reporter: What tone do you think this mysterious humming is?

Civ 1: I don't know, its mostly like this.

Civ 1 imitates a low tone, comparable to 500-600 Hz.

Reporter 1: Is there anything else you want to answer?

Civ 1: I just want to tell whoever watches this NOT to come here. There is a reason why there's only 50,000 of us here.

Reporter: Is that all?

Civ 1: Yeah, I really don't want to talk about this place anymore.

The Program would cut to a new interview on Praonov minutes later.

The Second Archive

This Archive consists of the same reporter talking to another Yorn citizen. This time, there are new questions.

Reporter: Hello, May I give you a live interview? Its just a few questions for puzzles people about this questionable place.

Civ 2: (Uh, What?) Oh. sure, go ahead.

Reporter: I would like to ask: How are the conditions where your home is?

Civ 2: Ah, God. This place is just for the most resilient people out there. You gotta be tethered, or gravitated. Either or, your bones and scales hurt like hell. I don't think we are even civilians, just lab rats to serve these douchebags up there.

Reporter: Interesting... Is there anything else you want to talk about?

Civ 2: What- Interesting? Whatever. Are there any more questions you nee-

Civ 2 would pause, and shriek out of nowhere

Civ 2: Ah God, the humming again! THE DAMNED HUMMING!! IT HURTS SO BAD OH GOD

Reporter: Oh my goodness! what the hell is happening, please tell us!

Civ 2 would excrete blood from his ears. How this would happen naturally is unknown.

Reporter (Talking to news team): Cut this part! We need this fellow to get to the clinic right away!

The Reporter immediately quit reporting as to shield the public. Civ 2 was told to be transported to a clinic for 3 days, and temporarily deaf for 5 days.

The Third Archive

This new archive includes an individual who makes vlogs for his website. He is unaware that Yorn is full of classified information. In the video, this individual reports a strange crowd.

Vlogger: Uh, guys, I found these creeps chittering about some bullsh-

Crowd: The Chatter about "A Holy Trinity" increases in volume, blotting him out.

Vlogger (At Shouting Volume): What are you lot talking about..?

An individual: We are Jul'Itah. We know everything. Yorn taught us. We saw the secrets. You are but one of the many souls that will be-

Vlogger (Interrupting): Quit this, you creepy bastards! Get off of the streets.

Most of The Crowd would emit a screech that is so high pitched that it's impossible to replicate naturally. The Vlogger recoils in pain. His eardrums have almost burst entirely.

Vlogger: AGH! What the hell, guys?

The Crowd would walk away while staring deeply into his eyes. He would end his recording right then and there.

The Fourth Archive

This news archive includes an unreleased news report covering an anomaly located on the surface.

Reporter 2: Here, I- We see a strange pit on the outskirts of Fort Fru'Yi!

The Pit would expunge a strange resin. It is scalding.

Reporter 2: What the hell...? We need the locals out of here at once! This resin is boiling hot!

In the background, nobody even bats an eye to this anomaly.

Reporter 2: I-Im not even gonna ask on what these anomalies are here for. You know what? screw my job. I can't deal with this anymore.

Reporter 2 would lend his camera back to the news team, and is currently presumed to have quit. Looks like he has had enough of this.

The Fifth Archive

This archive includes yet another unreleased news report on the Yorn Discovery Program.

Reporter: Hello citizen, may I-

Civ 4: Stop... Stop! STOP IT!!

Reporter: Calm down! What the hell is going on with you?

Civ 4 would cover his ears, and curl into a ball while deploying a psionic shield around him.

Civ 4: Please, no more voices god damnit...

Reporter: What in the world is up with this unholy place..?

Civ 4 would cry and weep. The reporter cuts this part, and considers cutting the Yorn Discovery Program with his coworkers.

The Sixth Archive

This event covers what look to be a small crowd of civilians looking at a small glowing crack in the metallic earth.

Reporter 2: As we see here- I- (What the--)

The Reporter points the camera to the activity, which then created a large pit. a few moments later, Yorn itself appears to shake and rumble, causing local quakes that shatter windows and collapse a few weak buildings. Lights later protrude from the cracks.

Reporter 2: WHAT IN THE- (Uh..?)

A few people scream, but most people treat this activity as if it were a daily occurrence.

Reporter 2: Im out of here, screw this job. Screw it! I can not die due to this-

Reporter 2 would drop the camera and is seen to tend a headache and take prescriptions. Then, the camera spots some metallic entities protrude from the cracks, and submerge back in a few seconds later.

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