Ysi is an E-class world and homeworld of the Ysau.


Ysi as seen from orbit


Ysi (RS RS 8410-0-7-1440734-112 A4) is located in the Zaonur system in the Large Magellanic Cloud and orbits it as the fourth planet. It is the only planet in the system where life developed. It's semimajor axis from Zaonur is 0.449 AU. With an age of approximately 7.4 billion years, the system is much older than the Sol System. It has a total of three moons, all of them are captured asteroids.


Surface diff-1445598657

Map of Ysi

It has a diameter of 13224 km, making it slightly bigger than Earth. The average temperature is 18.5°C. However, the planetary temperature can go up to 30°C in summer and down to 7°C in winter due to it's axial tilt. A day on the planet is 3.907 earth days long, a year is 128.434 earth days long.



Ysi's atmosphere. The Suchit estates can be seen in this picture.

The atmosphere of Ysi consists of 24.4% of oxygen, 75.2% of nitrogen, 0.29% of carbon dioxide and 0.11% of argon. The planet is very cloudy, however, only a few storms occur frequently.


Ysi is the homeworld of the Ysau, a reptilian early type-III civilization. They are ruled by a central government from a small city near the equatorial region. Once every ten of their years, they elect their new leaders within a week. The religion is strictly separated from the state. Although some religious parties exist, they never get elected. Other lifeforms, such as lion-like creatures called Uvu, live in the large natural areas on the planet, such as the famous Suchit mountain range.

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