Yuri Gagarin is one of the most important people in Human History. This is because he is the first Human to exit the bounds of Earth, and go astray into the orbit of space. The fact that he went into space at all started from the age old Cold War declared by the Soviet Union and The United States of America. This war wasn't really a war, more of a competition of who would be better in essentially anything. (Examples include drilling, rocket launches, the amount of weapons you had)


As soon as the Vostok I rocket launched, Yuri shouted "Поехали!" (Let's Go!) He was excited to see what would be held for him up in space.

Within the first few minutes of the launch, Yuri would see the atmosphere slowly turn to black through the small peephole he was given on his command pod. He would end up looking at the Pacific Ocean, and other marvelous features of Earth. American radio stations ended up hearing Yuri's voice later on.

While orbiting Earth, he passed by The Atlantic, and eventually back to Europe where the retrograde rockets were fired. But, when Yuri tried to detach his pod from the small fuel section, the cord did not snap properly until atmospheric heat and pressure snapped it on its own. Yuri seemed like he was going on a crash course down to Earth.

Luckily, while the pod was going down, the hatch opened properly and he parachuted down safely as his pod got obliterated.


The effect Yuri Gagarin had on society (especially American) was shocking. How could you fling a man in a metal tin can and let him see the gracious Earth? The launch and Soviet achievement made The United States act in a frenzy, eventually sending astronaut Alan Shepard to space shortly after Yuri's launch.

Yuri Gagarin is still widely remembered even today, millennia after his death. There are countless paintings, drawing, and even alternate stories of him floating around somewhere. There is even a small portrait of him in the Human Museum on Lokira.

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