Zalmoxes ( RS 8474-694-7-16434-83 A4 in Space Engine,a temperate E-class world, is fourth planet of Zagrei Prime system and third human colony to be estabilished Zagrei System.


Physical and orbital characteristics

Sky light

Zalmoxes orbits its parent star at 0.72 au in 222.28 earth days with a eccentricity of 0.001 and an inclination of -1°32'43''.72. A day on Zalmoxes last 10h52m43s.95. The mass of Zalmoxes is 6.5684 M⊕ and it has a radius of only 1.647 R⊕.Because of these values,it is an high gravity world, the value of gravitational acceleration is 2.4214 g.There are iron compounds dust in the atmosphere which give the sky a reddish brown colour. The planet core contain more iron than Earth does, the average planet density being 8.1717 g/cm^3. It have 8 moons, 1 of which Kogaion is a major moon.


Eye of the storm

With an axial tilt of only 1°46'00''.08, there are no discernible seasons. The average surface is 10.859°C. Minimun temperatures can get so low as -50°C, while maximum ones can get so high as 32°C. There are a permanent cyclones called the eyes of the storm by locals. Zalmoxian continents are bigger than those of Earth.


Before colonization and terraforming, the atmosphere was composed of 40.8 % carbon dioxide, 39.1 % sulphur dioxide, 20 % water vapours and traces of nitrogen,argon,helium,neon and carbon monoxide. After terraforming, the atmospheric composition was changed to 55.27 % N2, 40.89 % oxygen, 3.765 water vapours,2.98 argon and 0.075 % carbon dioxide. The pressure (0.525 atm) and height (33.94 km) have been left unchanged.


Zalmoxes was first colonized by humans in 3100, two centuries later was fully terraformed by Confederacy of Humanity. During First Intergalactic War, the Zagrei system and nearby colonies have been cut off form other humans by hostile forces. It lead to a federation of now independent near human colonies of Zagrei and near systems known as Brotherhood of Zalmoxes. The humans have continued to live, develloping technologies different to other humans. By 15,000 they build a Dyson sphere around a near star. This was observed by Earth's humans in 18,000. There was two expeditions to general area of Zagrei System which have failed. By 22,000, a Zalmoxian merchant named Bela Aslan have reached searching new technologies for his people. Now the long separated humans of Zalmoxes and other worlds of Brotherhood of Zalmoxes have become again absorbed by Confederacy of Humanity.


Zalmoxian population is descended from mainly early eastern european,southern siberian,korean and mongolian colonists. Different language families were formed on Zalmoxis surface because of isolation from other humans. Religion on Zalmoxes comes in different form of neopaganism, but there are also many christians and buddhists. A referendum hosted in 22,058 give a population of 5 billions people comprised of 26.55 % Romanian descendants,22.45 % Hungarian descendants, 12 % Ukrainian descendants, 8 % Russian descendants, 7.8 % Tatar descendants,7.6 % Mongolian descendants,6.78 % Korean descendants, 5 % Khanty descendants and 3.8 % Nenets descendants and 0.02 % others. Zalmoxian were smaller and stronger because of high gravity of Zalmoxis.

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