Zaofor is a binary star system in the Large Magellanic Cloud.


Zaonur and Zufor

The system consists of two stars: Zaonur and Zufor.

Zaonur is an orange dwarf and the biggest star in the Zaofor system. It has a surface temperature of 4806°C. It is orbited by five planets, including Ysi.

Zufor is the smaller star in the system and with a surface temperature of 3646°C, it is also cooler than Zaonur. It is being orbited by six planets, all of them contain colonies of the Ysau.

List of planets

Zaonur: Kelin (Hot Class-S)

Urujates (Hot Class-S)

Vandali (Hot Class-D)

Ysi (Class-E)

Pocia (Cool Class-J)

Zufor: Intontur (Hot Class-S)

Macelo (Hot Class-J)

Acadi (Hot Class-D)

Mijilias (Temperate J-Class)

Agontur (Cool Class-N)

Viso (Cold Class-N)

Barycenter: Viscor (Frozen Class-I)

Arensis (Frozen Class-T)

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