The Zaramorian Domain is a nation with numerous star systems within a 26 light year reach from the homeworld. The homeworld is the planet Zaramor and systems administered are the Cirand-Hursel, Layra, and Selucon systems (just to name a few). The Domain is a large military and political power within the Andromeda galaxy. Its primary mission is to maintain peace within the nation, but also wishes peace when dealing with bordering states. The Zaramorian Domain also has somewhat-solidified diplomatic relations with the Unified Galactic Republic of the M110 galaxy.


After the colonization of Zaramor in 2134 CE, expansion was slow to happen. Zaramor is the last planet of the Cirand-Hursel home system, and making the technology work to live on the other five planets was a challenge. Initially, the people on Zaramor had contact with New Terra (of the M110 galaxy) and the United States liaison office there (long distance intergalactic travel had not occurred yet). This liaison office was simply instituted to talk with the Zaramorian representative about how the colonization of the planet was going. In 2492 CE, contact with the office was stopped due to the advent of the first long-range intergalactic ship built on Zaramor. Thus, trips to Earth became more frequent as representatives could talk directly with leadership there about issues pertaining to Zaramor. This method lasted 142 years until in 2634 CE the colony of Zaramor became independent from United States control. Also, the ability to send research teams to the planets of the system was starting to happen, as well as a burgeoning population.

The Republic of Zaramor was the predecessor to the Domain and was chartered by Constitution in 2635 CE. The Republic stage only lasted until 4008 CE when Jesar was colonized. Soon, government plans hatched as to how the remaining four planets of the system were to be inhabited. The factor that made progress skyrocket even more was that an ocean planet had been found in the Selucon system (which is about 2 light years away from Zaramor). Soon, a movement was introduced by Representative Simon Bavan in 4010 CE to change the governmental structure and name of the nation.

The name was changed to the Zaramorian Domain, per the discovery of the Selucon system. Also, the government changed in regard to the political structure of individual planets. The planets of any Domain-owned system could be politically independent (meaning Zaramor's government could not oversee other planet's workings), but still had to maintain a cohesiveness. That is why the United System Council was developed to act as a board of representatives from [mostly] each planet to discuss matters that affect the Zaramorian Domain.

The Domain's greatest crisis occurred in 13097 CE, with the Cerel Civil War. The planet Cerel was initially a colony with direct ties to Zaramor. Some rebels on the planet wished for complete independence. There was to be no association with Zaramor whatsoever, and the military installations on the colony were to be usurped and used by the "People's Republic" of Cerel. The government of the Domain grouped together to issue a resolution calling for war on the rebellious planet. The rebels responded by destroying two starships based in Cerel carrying the mayors of two cities from Zaramor. Both mayors were killed, and war exploded on the planet. To make a long story short, the rebellion was ended within five years, and Cerel became a "home-rule" republic and affiliated with the Domain. One reason why the insurrection had to be quashed so soon was because of rowdy individuals on Tyrias who saw the outburst of violence as acceptable.

The Zaramorian Domain has been mostly peaceful since the war, and seeks to remain that way.


The industry of the Domain lies within mining and shipbuilding. Since Zaramor's primary goal was to extract rare and precious minerals for the United States back on Earth, the philosophy has applied practically to every planet that comes with a firm surface. For gas giant planets, the technology to build starships in levitating dockyards has increased desirably. The planets of Qesboth, Mallnbra, and Cerel produce tens of thousands of ships per a six-month period. The business has become lucrative thanks to a hungry market in the Unified Galactic Republic (M110 galaxy). Also, the alien race of Erizin-Kel use some Zaramorian ships as well.

List of Systems within the Domain

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