Zenerth (RS 8474-1353-8-11843451-286 3) is the closest exoplanet (to Earth) with complex life. It was studied by the USS Hallgren, a URSS's ship, in 2103. The name was created randomly in 2067 by an AI.

Its habitability and existence were already confirmed in 2045, but only almost 60 years later it started to be studied. The URSS sent a science ship to the Roetta System to study it, as it had a high probability of life.

When they arrived, the sensors detected extremely high CO2 levels, suggesting a carboniferous-like environment. Life signs were also detected, confirming the hypothesis of life on Zenerth. The ship remained to observe and to study the planet until 2145 CE, collecting as much data as possible. After that, they were sent to another system.


Zenerth has a carboniferous atmosphere. It is a Mc-Class planet. The atmospherical composition is: 99.3% CO2, 0.615% O2, 0.117% N2, and 0.0014% other gases.


The planet has a complex biosphere, both marine as terrestrial. Due to the high CO2 levels, it is similar to an extreme carboniferous period. There are two Mid Embryonic Civilizations who compete with each other: the Lazzuxei, and the Ujarak.

There are also several types of amphibians, reptiles, and, mainly, arthropods. Parasite and symbiotic species are very common in the marine environment.

Zenerth's Lightside Map

Zenerth's lightside

Zenerth's Map

Zenerth's full map

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