Zenobia is a Temperate E-Class strikingly Earth-like Planet in the NGC 4696D Galaxy, and the homeworld of the Jugguztans.



It's surface contains mostly Savannas and Grasslands, and due to the very high Earth-like conditions, Zenobia is able to (not very) surprisingly sustain complex life forms such as plants and alien creatures.
It's rings formed around 6 billion years ago and are quite small in comparison to Earth's rings, wich are a lot bigger.


It's climate is also quite peaceful in comparison to Earth's climate, rarely some storms and hurricanes can eventually happen.

Zenobia Clouds

Zenobia's clouds and a mountain range.


Almost nothing is know about how did Zenobia formed, so let's skip to when Life started emerging.

Emerging of life

Life started appearing in Zenobia's oceans around 3.1 billion years ago as simple unicellular bacteria and then becoming multicellular, non-bacteria life emerged 29 million years later, as some “fishes” and then it spreaded to land. The first ever advanced civilization in Zenobia, the Jugguztans appeared around 501 million years ago, then during it's tribal age it founded the Jugzta Kingdom, then their technology was quickly advancing and then conquering many territories around the NGC 4696D galaxy.

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