Zeron (RS 10381-198-8-10106242-234 B1) is a planet orbiting a brown dwarf in Hoag's Object.


Zeron is a temperate selena ringed planet, home to the Zerons. It was first visited by an unmanned FTL craft in 17780 CE. The group of scientists who sent the craft attempted to translate the language of the Zerons into English. The level of the civilization at the time of its discovery was a Type 0 civilization similar to humans in the 21st century.

Some of the Zerons have built large enclosed cities, walled on each side with a transparent glass-like material, with a controlled temperature inside to keep some warmth in. The capital city of the planet is named Ecthar Zeron, and houses half a million people.


According to statistics sent back from the unmanned craft, the climate on Zeron is stable at a temperature of around -12.7 °C. There is hardly any cloud cover on Zeron, so the heat and light from its parent star can reach the surface easily.

Star system

Zeron's star, a brown dwarf, is in a binary star system with RS 10381-198-8-10106242-234 A, a red dwarf. Zeron is the first planet orbiting its star. There are more planets orbiting the binary star system, but they are too cold to support life.


Zeron landscape

The view from the exit of Ecthar Zeron. Zeron's star can be seen on the horizon.

Zeron has one small asteroid orbiting it. The asteroid's name translated to English is "Zeruun". When the unmanned craft was sent to the asteroid to explore it, the research team found a small tribe of Zerons living in an atmospheric dome.
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