Zeta1 Reticuli is a G-type star in the constellation Reticulum.


Zeta1 Reticuli and its companion are 0.6 lightyears apart and is 39 lightyears from Sol. It's fifth planet, Reticulum Prime is a major mining colony.



A hot N-class world orbiting at a distance of 0.12 AU from Zeta1 Retculi. It is tidally locked and completes a full orbit every 16 days. It has 9 asteroid moons.


Another hot N-class world of fast raging winds and even has its own storm spot similar to the one on Jupiter. Janus has 5 moons, one of which is a selena called Canens, home to an automated mine whereas the others are captured asteroids named Aithex, Olistene, Tiberinus and Fontus (in that order).


A warm S-class planet with a thin Xenon atmosphere. The surface is mostly barren with impact craters and crystals ranging from 6 to 70 feet high, dotting the landscape as well as automated excavation mines, set up by humanity to gather gases and other materials. There are also some small cryovolcanoes found near the day-night terminator. It has 3 asteroid moons and is tidally locked.


A cool J-class planet surrounded by a large ring system and orbited by 40 moons, 2 of which are selenas. Prometheus is plagued by storms such as cyclones, extremely fast winds and enormous thunderstorms.

Reticulum Prime

A cold desert planet that serves as a major mining colony. It is mostly a barren world of flat vast deserts, salt flats and mountain ranges as well as some volcanoes here and there.


A large, cold stormy gas giant and biggest planet in the system. There is not much worthy of note about this world as it is typical of its class, plagued by storms and diamond rain over huge regions.

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