Zia'Rusk, often called Ziarus, or Maple Giant by Humans is a large-class ice giant which resides in the outer-reaches of the Sa'Kian system. Zia'Rusk is mostly known for its many alternating colors, as a result of seasonal change. Zia'Rusk also contains many cloud cities, which fly between the cloud-tops and the upper atmosphere. These cloud cities also hold most of the population near Zia'Rusk, with the others living in space stations nearby. Colonies on major moons also count to this minute statistic.


Like many gas giants, Zia'Rusk goes under a seasonal climate. However, after many millennia of observing, it is known that Zia'Rusk is very rampant with change, and can shift to and from many colors. The clouds cycle goes as follows.

In the winter season, a blue-ish color can be seen to surface from the clouds. When spring comes near, Zia'Rusk can be seen turning a minty color, and then coming to a crisp white color in the summer. In autumn, it will turn a deep brown color as a result of the clouds being exposed to Sa'Kia's radiation. It then turns back to blue in the winter.

Zia'Rusk's climate has attracted a large number of tourists in the autumns and winters, as this is where the largest amount of color change can be seen. Close-up views of the clouds can often leave spectators stunned as the blue clouds from below leak in. The brown clouds eventually crumple and turn slightly lighter. They will then succumb to the growing blue colors of the clouds.

Pictures of all of these events are in the Seasonal Gallery.

Seasonal Events

Events on Zia'Rusk are widely varied, and is dependant on which season Zia'Rusk is in. With each season lasting 12.05 years, it is definitely hard to welcome the change of new cloud colors. So, the microcultures in many cloud cities have decided to base regional holidays around the phenomenal cloud changes. There is approximately a 3-5 month period of passive celebration between every cloud transformation, and most themes for massive parties near the end of these celebrations are based on the new cloud colors. Many tourists and citizens from far and wide may come to Zia'Rusk for these parties alone, as they are simply enormous in magnitude.

Seasonal Gallery

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