Zinkorians are a violent race of biped humanoids with three eyes and a well built muscular body with protruding spikes on their arms and backs. Their origins are unknown but they are believed to be from Zo'kra inside the Andromeda galaxy. They became a space-faring race after a unknown extraterrestrial colony ship filled with thousands of Extra-terrestrials crash landed on their home planet due to the planet's intense gravitational field disabling the colony Ship's system. Inside the spacecraft emerged a group of injured Aliens to begged the Zinkorians to spare their lives, but due to the language barrier, the Zinkorians interpreted their words of plea as a threat and massacred all the colonists inside the ship and used the advanced capabilities of the ship to further advance their species. Their skin i


Zinkorians are a murderous race who slaughter anything or anyone in their way and have committed genocide on a multiple of different planets and enslaved the native population. They believe themselves to be superior to that of any race.The Zinkorians would often have wars on their home planet over the most trivial reasons which lead to a land mass the size of Africa to completely sink in the aftermath of a war. After centuries of fighting their home planet, Zo'kra became a desolate lifeless wasteland filled with dangerous predatory creatures such as the Kor'vu a giant creature which resembles a dragon who dominate the landscape, hunting anyone that they see. This lead them to colonise other star systems and would take planets with species which they deemed inferior and would decimate the population.


Zinkorians are immensely powerful, able to lift or destroy objects many times their size. They evolved these immense superhuman strengths because their home planet had a high gravity which caused their bodies to evolve resilient and strong skin and bones. Due to their home planet being so far away form their star, they evolved three eyes to be able to see in the dark for predators such as the Kor'vu, who is the only animal in the entire universe to match the Zinkorian's strengths. They also have large protruding spikes on their arms to use as melee weapons against the Kor'vu. On planets with low gravity their strength multiplies ten-fold, able to moveincrediblymmense power, Zinkorians wear armour which suppresses their and only take them of when fighting in wars on other planets. Zinkorians also ultilise energy based attacks, manipulating Psy energy in higher Dimensions to create devastating attacks, some Zinkorians of higher Rank able to destroy an entire moon. But this comes at a price, if use regularly their bodies deteriorate and their cells and tissues are ripped apart, causing them to die a painful, agonising death.This is only used as a last resort to settle Wars quickly.


Zinkorians have a large diet and is able to eat anything with their powerful jaws with rows of sharp teeth. They hunt for food using their protruding spikes and their sharp claws and use them to dig into the prey's flesh and hunt in packs, much like early hunter-gatherer humans did. Once they kill their target they prey to their gods Go'rsa, the god of death, Dok'za, the god of war and Loy'ga, the god of life. After they have prayed, they devour the prey in a matter of seconds, even eating the bones. Zinkorians have a resilient digestive system and immune system which makes them more resistant to disease and bacteria which is useful when conquering other worlds with different environments.

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