Zosilia (Commonly known as Ice Ball, or Snowball by Humans) is a small and icy dwarf planet located at the outer-reaches of the Terminus System. Zosilia is mostly renowned for its large amount of untapped minerals, which have developed many mining companies and mineral rushes on the surface. Zosilia is also known for its large icy structures that appear on the surface. Cities are also widely placed around Zosilia's surface, making it very populated for its size and type. The cities are mostly there due to the mining corporations.

Underground Ocean

Like many ice worlds, Zosilia possesses an underground ocean that starts about 30 km deep. There has been no recorded life forms in this ocean, so mining teams did not have to worry about destroying environments. Large deposits of gold also swim in these oceans in small pockets. Quartz is also regularly seen near where the oceans start and end.

A few percent (3%) of the cities that Zosilia has are in this underground ocean, giving way to the introduction of Xa'Thin and Human aquatic life. These life forms were genetically altered to be less aggressive, and to only mate with their species to prevent strange interplanetary crossbreeding.

Moon System

Zosilia has only one moon, named Loe. Loe is much like Zosilia, but does not contain an underground ocean or rich minerals. Many people move to Loe for tourism, and to see Zosilia being so beautiful in the sky. Loe's attributs will be explained in its own article.

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