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Zothea is an A-Class world that supports life. its exact location had been forgotten, and the empire that inhabits it, the Thesos Empire, maintains its secrecy. it has 6 moons:
  • Thesan: small ball in the ring system, mined to the point where it can no longer actually be called a moon. we kept it here though
  • Velas
  • Velsos
  • Veothe
  • Olasip
  • Cesav


it was discovered in 2063 in a dwarf galaxy near the Milky Way. life was confirmed to exist there in 2106. The planet suddenly vanished in the year 2345. when it was rediscovered in 2445, exactly 100 years since vanishing, the position of it was lost. some thought the Thesos Empire had something to do with it, while others say it may have been something else entirely.. either way, the planet is a mystery.

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