Ztebam (1)

Homeworld of the Xentari.

Discovered in 9959 CE, it is a temperate E-Class world. It is the fifth world of the larger star in a binary system (RS 1190-63-7-850923-631 in 9.7.3) located in the inner arms of the Triangulum Galaxy. It has a diameter of 16721.4 km and a gravitational pull of 1.6 G. Its semimajor axis is 0.98 AU giving ti a year length of 1.04 years.

It has a very short day of 12 hours and 9 minutes. Its atmospheric pressure is 0.8 and its mean temperature is a frigid -11.7 °C. The entire system is 10.6 billion years old and the planet has four moons, three captured asteroids and a moon with a receding atmosphere.

The cold heavy world is subject to many cyclonic snowstorms all over the world which can be deadly to the lifeforms on the planet due to the higher gravity. A single ice shard can pierce the brain of a local if large enough, which is why most species on the planet have evolved thicker skulls to protect their brains from the storms. Some have even dug into large caverns in the tall snow covered mountains.

Land life has had to evolve not only a thicker skull, but stronger bones and muscles to compensate for the higher gravity. Most land creatures are bulky and thick with meat. The same went for the flying beasts of the world.

Ocean life, being protected from the ice and snow, have had no need to evolve thicker skulls or thicker muscles due to water’s effect on gravity. It has even been proven that Earth fish can thrive in the oceans of the planet.

Ztebam (6)

The planet has a couple ancient cities of a previous technologically advanced civilization which fell a few million years ago. For the most part they are avoided by the Xentari but some adventurous ones investigate.

The plant life of Ztebam has adapted to live in the colder environment of the planet and has learned to conserve warmth where it can.

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