Zyko-Alpha-Nq-7127 is the designation of a temperate human colony world. Unknown to the colonists, the planet's waters were home to an infectious species of parasite. Entering the colony's water supply, the parasites attached themselves to the inhabitants, mutating them into primitive reptilian creatures known as the Zykon. Because of this, Zyko-Alpha-Nq-7127 was abandoned by the human governments that colonized it, who wished to erase all record of the disaster that had occurred there.


The planet that would later be known as Zyko-Alpha-Nq-7127 was a temperate terra, with a diameter slightly larger than that of Earth. Its gravity was slightly higher than Earth's, but was similar enough that humans could survive comfortably on the planet. It had no moons, but instead had a ring system that contained many mineral-rich asteroids that the inhabitants planned to harvest resources from.


In 3448 CE, an unmanned scanning craft spotted the planetary system, detecting evidence of a habitable world. The team of scientists operating the craft inspected the planet closer, learning it could be habitable for humans. A ship holding three million colonists who would otherwise be homeless, along with an elite group of around five thousand rich sponsors was later sent to visit the planet, and it arrived in 3451 CE. A temporary society was set up so that the new inhabitants could settle into life on the planet, with an election planned one year later for an official system to be voted on, as well as an official name. Lan Heskr, the leader of the colony ship, sent back regular reports so that progress could be kept track of.

After hearing about the mission's success, another colony ship, holding around a million passengers, was sent on a path to the planet. Unlike the first colony ship, its was piloted by an automated AI system and its colonists were held in stasis, unaware of what they would find when they arrived.

For several days on Zyko-Alpha-Nq-7127, the inhabitants lived normally, not knowing that the planet's deadly parasites had already infected their water supply. Fifteen days after the colony had been established, the first case of mutation was reported. A middle-aged man named Anvin Hathar was sent to the colony's medical facility with an undiagnosed sickness. Before the doctors could work out what had happened to him, humans all over the colony began to fall ill with the same symptoms. To find out what was causing the illness, the doctors euthanized Anvin Hathar and dissected him, discovering the parasites that had attached themselves to him. A distress call was sent back to the colony ship's origin, but by then it was too late. Infected individuals slowly began to mutate and transform, and within weeks, the entire population had been turned.

When the secondary colony ship arrived, its passengers discovered that Zyko-Alpha-Nq-7127's inhabitants were no longer human; they had become an entirely different species, later named the Zykon after the planet's designation. The Zykon showed no hostility to the new arrivals, instead allowing them to similarly be infected and transformed. After the regular reports from Zyko-Alpha-Nq-7127 ceased, the government realized what had happened, ordering for the sector to be classified as quarantined. High-ranking officials scrambled to erase any evidence of the colony's existence, and eventually the planet was almost entirely forgotten.

However, its Zykon inhabitants continued to thrive. As generations passed, the Zykon grew further away from their human ancestors. Over the years, several pilots landed on Zyko-Alpha-Nq-7127, either by accident or to confirm the rumors of the planet's existence. While some human arrivals were left to be infected, most were killed by the Zykon, who no longer had the ability to remember the method of their creation.

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